Worlds most expensive iPod

Worlds most expensive iPod - iDiamond The most expensive iPod (probably) was recently “built” in Norway. It’s the famous Norwegian goldsmith/jeweller Heyerdahl that took on the task of rebuilding the outer shell of an iPod in solid gold (18 carat). He also placed 430 diamonds on the player and headset, all by hand of course.

The redesigned player was named iDiamond (naturally) and is according to the daily manager, Thomas Heyerdahl, created with the intention of combining the art of jewellery and technology to build the most expensive MP3 player available.

The player will be displayed in their main store in Oslo (Norway) throughout September.

In total 59,3 gram white and rosé gold plus 4,30 carats diamonds were used. Of the 430 diamonds 118 are placed on the headset.

The iDiamond are not made for commercial sale (big surprise?!), but it’s value are estimated to be approximately 248.000 Norwegian kroner (€31.000/$42.000).

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  2. It’s actually $40,500 USD… but covered in diamonds anyhow!

  3. omg diz iz da coolest thing i’ve ever seen ….da diamondz r krazy : )

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