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The long waiting period’s finally come to an end. As you might have seen already Matthew Mullenweg announced yesterday that WordPress now has a brand-spanking new plugins directory where you can browse, download, rate, and comment on all your favorite plugins.

The front plugins page lists the most popular, newest, recently updated plugins along with a featured plugin on top. The sub-section provides easy access to whatever you’re looking for through the neatly organized tag cloud (keywords) sorted by number of available plugins (I think).

Through the WordPress “Dashboard” feed update any developer can now reach millions of people by contributing and keep his/hers plugins updated on regular basis. I believe this is one of the best marketing stunts ever as it really works both ways. The developer gets massive traffic (great for SEO) and WordPress gets even more people involved with their continuously growing blogging platform.

I believe I shall now start creating and contributing my very own plugins…

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