Upgrading in general

I have just finished setting up a brand new theme at Blogvaria and are naturally very curious as to how this new layout will work with the forthcoming release of WordPress 2.1. I do hope it’s only a matter of upgrading some of my favourite plugins, but then again you never know…

The new theme is based on Qwilm but I decided to add a nice photo (taken in my country of origin Norway) at the top of the page to “live it up” a little. I’ve also strongly modified the CSS to make headers and links stand out more. I’ve also tried to make sure positioning etc. works with all browsers (even IE), and so far it looks okay.

The reason for switching layout was nothing more than boredom. By that I mean I was tired of the old look, and I had nothing better to do for a couple of hours. Personally I like the new look because it’s a lot lighter. By adding the third column you should probably not have to scroll that much either. The maximum width is 1010 pixels, which means that most readers with normal screen resolution should be able to get the whole page inside the browser window (at least horizontally).

After a little tweaking I also got all the plugins up and running, and even fixed some small XHTML issues. My site should now validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional, if it don’t please let me know by leaving a comment about where and when….

If you know about any upcoming incompatibilities related to WP 2.1 please let me know as I’m not thinking of doing any updates until the new version is out. If you liked the old look better I would also like to hear why, and possibly what I can do with the current look to beat that feeling.

Finally, if you experience problems accessing this page over the next few weeks it’s probably due to the fact that I’m upgrading. Be patient, “I’ll be back” as the famous actor once said.

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