The ultimate Swiss army knife

Make James Bond, MacGyver and Inspector Gadget look like ill-equipped buffoons with the jaw-dropping Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife. As awesome as it is ridiculous, this incredible triumph of engineering is packed with 87 fully functional implements and is said to have over 140 functions.

Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

An ideal gift for the gadget collector with (almost) everything, the Wenger features a wide range of handy tools, and even more that you’ll probably never use. But that’s the fun of it. There are seven blades, three types of pliers and seemingly countless screwdrivers, saws and wrenches. There’s even a battery operated torch and a laser pointer with a 300ft range.

Oh, did I also mention the thingy that repairs golf divots and the doodah that magnifies mineral crystals? Or how about the tyre-tread gauge, signal whistle and cigar-cutter? Fully loaded? Just slightly.

Measuring almost 9 inches in width, the weighty Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife could well ruin the line of your tuxedo, but a tool this mighty isn’t designed with espionage in mind; it’s a collector’s piece for fans of precision-engineered instruments. Either that or a must have item for the tool-less handyman.

Whatever your reasons for buying the beautifully-built but slightly bonkers Wenger – and with this many tools there are plenty – I guarantee you’ll be unable to stop fiddling with it every time you pick it up. What a complete tool!


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