The death of discussion boards

Lately when I’ve paid my favourite discussion boards a visit they all seam to be flooded with SPAM. As a result I’ve now more or less stopped visiting them and most certainly lost interest due to the fact that they appear messy and that proper information is hard to find/get.

Earlier when you got notified about a response there would actually be someone trying to help, or give a related comment. Now all you get is highly irrelevant information about some obscure stock or a pill for specific purposes.

Turning the discussion boards (forums) to “members only” with insane security measures doesn’t quiet work as intended in my mind as information no longer are shared with the public. Therefore it puzzles me that the developers haven’t come up with something similar to the comment filtering in WordPress (Akismet). I for one can sit back and relax while my comment feature is wide open knowing that SPAM will be treated as SPAM and never displayed.

Web 2.0 and the websites that came out of it has also provided new ways of forwarding/sharing information and displaying it much nicer, leaving the rest left way behind. As a consequence I believe that without some drastic measures the good old discussion board are digging its grave faster and faster.

I had a look at the Alexa ratings for the 2 most popular software developers, but there’s no obvious trend except that they both seam to have fallen slightly during the first quarter this year (phpBB, vbulletin).

I would very much like to get your opinion on this as I’m currently seriously thinking of removing my old phpBB support forum off the site for good.

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  1. What about the possibility of pulling out of Iraq, letting Iran invade and lose resources fighting their own kind,
    and then come in and mop up the dregs?

  2. Thanks for the thumbs-up WhiteHorse, and since nobody else have said anything I’ll keep the forum up and running 🙂

    And to nemoforone – did you even bother to read the post??? I suppose you are one of the 51% that actually voted for Bush?!

  3. i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
    forward to participating. hehe unless i get
    too distracted!


  4. Доброго времени суток, форумчане сайта 😉

    Ответьте мне, пожалуйста, на несколько вопросов…
    – какая программа умеет [b]автоматически за НЕСКОЛЬКО СЕКУНД регистрировать ящики на[/b] и многих других почтовиках?
    – какая программа умеет автоматом [b]рассылать по и[/b] по заданным параметрам, при этом еще поддерживая функции автоответчика?
    – а также сможет разослать по форумам текст (например) “где купить валенки?”, а потом в ответ на этот текст ОТ ДРУГОГО имени и IP написать (например) “только на сайте!”?
    – плюс [b]распознаёт картинки и вопросы а-ля “что написано на этой картинке?”[/b], “сколько будет 2+2?” и “какой сейчас год?” и умеет корректно на них отвечать?
    – какая программа сможет разослать топики по форумам, попутно автоматически регистрироваться на них и создавая подробный отчет о проделанной работе?
    – и при этом работает с разнообразными движками – [b]phpBB, VBulletin, IPB, ExBB, Icon Board, YaBB, UltimateBB[/b], множеством различных гостевых, досок и блогов?
    – какую программу [b]вы МОЖЕТЕ переделать под свой вкус[/b]?
    – какая программа автоматически обновляет прокси / SOCKS, обеспечивая вам полную анонимность? (достаточно просто нажать ОДНУ кнопку)
    – какая программа умеет рассылать персональные сообщения всем пользователям форумов phpBB, IPB, VBulletin?
    – какая программа отсортирует Вашу базу ссылок по Google PageRank?
    – какая программа МАССОВО отредактирует все Ваши ранее разосланные объявления по форумам?
    – и при этом еще регулярно обновляется и совершенствуется.

    [u]Ответ ОДИН:[/u] всё это и многое другое под силу программному комплексу [b][u]XRumer 4.085 Platinum Edition + Hrefer 2.85[/u][/b]
    Данный комплекс имеет множество отзывов на авторитетных источниках (Washington Post, Wikipedia и т.п.), имеет историю активного развития более 3-х лет.

    Just Google! 😉

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  5. In case your Russian is a bit rusty, the above translates to (according to Google):

    Good time of day, forumchane site;)

    Answer me, please, a few questions…
    — Whichever program can [b] automatically for SEVERAL SEKUND record boxes at [/ b] and many other pochtovikah?
    — Whichever program can automatically [b] to send and [/ b] on the set parameters, while still supporting functions mailbox?
    — As well as forums to be able to circulate the text (for example), “where to buy felt boots?”, And then in response to this text FROM ANOTHER name and write IP (for example) “only on the site!”?
    — Plus [b] recognizes the pictures and issues a-la “that is written on this picture?” [/ B], “How much will 2 +2?” And “now what year?” And know how to correctly respond to them?
    — Whichever program will be able to send out a topic on forums, incidentally automatically recorded on them and creating a detailed report on the work done?
    — While working with a variety of engines – [b] phpBB, VBulletin, IPB, ExBB, Icon Board, YaBB, UltimateBB [/ b], a lot of different guest, boards and blogs?
    — Which program [b] you CAN reworked under your own taste [/ b]?
    — Which the program automatically updates the proxy / SOCKS, ensuring you complete anonymity? (simply click the button ONE)
    — A program can send personal messages to all users forums phpBB, IPB, VBulletin?
    — What sort your database program links on Google PageRank?
    — Whichever program MASSOVO edit all your previously distributed ads on forums?
    — While still regularly updated and improved.

    [u] ONE Answer: [/ u] all this and much more under the force of softswitch [b] [u] XRumer 4.085 Platinum Edition + Hrefer 2.85 [/ u] [/ b]
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    Which is exactly why people are not using the former forums to the same extent any more!! They simply get filled with automated SPAM and nothing seems to stop it from happening…

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