Ski Challenge 2008 repeats last years success and allows their users to play NRK Ski Challenge.

NRK Ski Challenge 2008 is a game where the players can run down the same hills that are part of the Alpine world cup.

1 hill are already in place and 4 more are scheduled; Groeden, Bormio, Wengen, Kitzbuehel and Val d’Isère. You need to qualify in order to join the race, and initially you will only be able to ski Groeden. The remaining 4 hills will be included in forthcoming Internet updates.

Being a free game the quality is surprisingly good, and an excellent break from work during lunch hour. You can also take part in an on-line competition for a period of time. The Internet “skier” with the best overall score from all the hills wins the competition. To claim the price I suppose you will have to be Norwegian, but it’s a fun game anyhow…

When competition ends you will still be able to play the complete game, but the on-line gaming part will be gone unfortunately.


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