Secure online form processing

I was using PHPMailer until recently, but unfortunately security vulnerabilities have been discovered. Given the fact that PHPMailer hasn’t released an update in 2 years, the project appears dead. Fortunately another email library looks very promising and also more flexible and expandable compared to the more “complicated” (less intuitive) PHPMailer.

Swift Mailer is a fully OOP library for sending e-mails from PHP websites and applications. It does not rely on PHP’s native mail() function which is known for using high server resources when sending multiple emails. Instead, Swift communicates directly with an SMTP server or a MTA binary to send mail quickly and efficiently.

The Swift library is well documented and frequently updated. The latest version 3.2.6 is available for both PHP4 and PHP5 to aid those pore developers still struggling with lack of updates from some of the main hosting companies.

I’ll definitely try this new library on some of my projects, and thank you Thor Larholm for sharing.

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