Privacy Screen

There are some things in life that are great to share. Important personal or company documents are not amongst them. You would not pass your personal photo album or business documents to the person sitting next to you in an airport or on a plane? Therefore you should protect the “data” on your visible screen in the office or on the move.

Privacy ScreenHow?

The digital age has replaced traditional paper documents and photographs with electronic files and digital pictures. So protect whatever information is on your screen from wandering eyes with a Targus Privacy Screen. The Privacy Screen is a micro slim film that covers the notebook/ LCD screen and only allows normal viewing from directly in front of it, whilst also reducing glare from the screen and protecting it from damage. People viewing from an angle greater than 45 degrees will only see a black screen.


Your visible data are now hidden from anyone sitting next to you.


Anyone standing behind you will still see what you’re doing (with reduced glare).

Those sitting to the side of you will think you’ve completely lost it as it would appear you’re working with the notebook shut off.


I don’t see this as a new revolution in the security sector, but for anyone interested here’s the link to the Targus Privacy Screen.

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