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Full Page Test – How it works

Full page test The Full Page Test loads a complete HTML page including all objects (images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes). It mimics the way a page is loaded in a web browser.

The load time of all objects is shown visually with time bars.

Simply type in the URI of the web page you want tested on Pingdom Tools full page test tools page.

You can view the list of objects either in load order or as a hierarchy. The hierarchy view allows you to see which objects are linked to for example a CSS file.

Every test also shows general statistics about the loaded page such as the total number of objects, total load time, and size including all objects.

This Full Page Test was inspired by the OctaGate SiteTimer. We liked what they did and wanted to take the idea one step further.

Note: The current version doesn’t load objects included in JavaScripts. There’s also a limit on the number and size of the objects that are loaded (to prevent the tool from downloading movies, for example).

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  1. also have the same kind of tool under their tools section. I tried it , and its working perfectly. Give it a try!!

  2. Interesting, looked like they had a few services worth checking out.

    Will post back when I’ve tried them.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    thanks for the email – had a look as you suggested. The Web analyse tool also provided info on DNS, IP, Site availability and Geographic location. All very useful tools and most importantly FREE!

    The rest of the site is providing paid services for web monitoring, that you can get for free at The free tools section is worth a visit though…

  4. To add to Wennichen’s comment, site24x7 does offer both free and paid web monitoring, apart from the tools. The free version allows monitoring up to 2 sites at 60 minute intervals.

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