phpMyAdmin Tips and Tricks

When dealing with database driven websites you probably (like me) use phpMyAdmin to manage and maintain your database(s). Below is a few useful “one-liners” gathered over the years…

Modifying the configuration settings

By modifying in the root directory where you installed phpMyAdmin you can add numerous additional functions and features. All it takes is adding a line or two.

Default theme

$cfg['ThemeDefault'] = 'some_theme';

Link to phpinfo()

$cfg['ShowPhpInfo'] = TRUE;

“Show all” rows button

$cfg['ShowAll'] = TRUE;

Hide databases from the menu

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['hide_db'] = '(test|mysql|etc...)';

Setting the fontsize

if ( !isset($_COOKIE['pma_fontsize']) ) :
    $_GET['fontsize'] = "80%"; # Whatever size you like

More options are available by browsing libraries/config.default.php which is very well documented.

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