Opera Software is turning the ship

Opera Software presented solid figures for third quarter this year and reversed the trend from last year. With a 10 million Euro turnover they’re 54% better than same time last year.

Last years result of almost 1 million down (Q3) is turned to the opposite.

Even though the Opera browser is FREE and without ads the company have increased their income by including Google search in the browser. Opera reported an income of approximately 2 million Euros from their desktop version, a 113% increase from last year.

The main income comes from Opera’s “new” mobile browser which alone stands for approximately 8 million Euros, a 43% increase from last year.

You can watch Opera Software’s Q3 presentation here.

Even though I am an addicted FF user I welcome Opera on the scene. I believe it is another great alternative to IE which people should explore. You can download the latest version at opera.com [desktop] [mobile] [mini] .

Congrats on the success Opera!

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