Master of War

Whenever George Bush (U.S. President) is visiting or sending fellow Americans somewhere he seams to manage to start a war or at least some massive riots. One would think that a man with less than average education (and intelligence?) should not be able to have such a massive impact. Therefore I’ve asked myself the following question; Who’s really pulling the strings??

Like many presidents before Bush I believe the heavy economic and political decisions are made by a team of military and corporate leaders (including the mob). These invisible persons are capable of executing their (master) plans through the power given to the nations spokesman (President). By initiating unstable conditions elsewhere they open up the door to invade and plunder the foreign countries natural resources in a way the Norwegian Vikings did a thousand years ago. How they manage to get away with it is still a mystery to me, but nevertheless I have to give them credit for being this millenniums “Master of War”.

In some sense the following YouTube broadcast displays a way of visualizing the “remote control” Bush appears to undergo…

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