Like being buried alive

BBC-correspondent Alan Johnston set free after 114 days in captivity.

Last night Johnston could finally announce his freedom from the British consulate in Jerusalem. Only a few weeks ago the world received frightening photographs of Johnston with a bomb belt strapped around his body.

Living on bread, potatoes and cheese for the last 114 days he admits he is really looking forward to a nice meal.

Despite the terrifying situation he claims to feel fine both mentally and physically at the moment. He even surprised the press by giving a statement just hours after his release. Only time can tell how he manages to cope with what’s happened.

Since April he hasn’t seen the sun and the kidnappers talked about killing him on several occasions. He was moved several times and verbally abused but never physically. It’s like being buried alive he says.

Hours before the release the kidnappers treated him a bit rough but he believes it was only frustration and anger coming to display. The tiny Palestinian fraction with their own and unique agenda had to give in after massive pressure from all sides. According to Johnston they are in no way representative for the general Palestinian as he’s lived and talked with them for several years.

When asked if he ever lost hope he said: “You must hope that one day, somehow… It was only 4 months. Some has been held hostage for years.”

Brave man, congratulations and the best of luck for the future!

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