Introducing SyncServer

SyncServer is an utility that makes an exact replica of files on a machine via the network to another machine. It was designed for load-sharing situations where all the servers need to have a copy of all the files, but can also be used for other situations, for example to publish files from a development machine to a production machine, or to have a backup server standing by that can immediately take over without first having to restore from a backup.

The utility uses it’s own protocol on TCP/IP port 9577 and is totally independent, you don’t need things like an FTP server or Microsoft Networking (disk sharing). Traffic is one-way only, files are only sent from the master to the slave. The program uses passwords (challenge/response) to protect the access and an MD5 hash to make sure the files on the slave are exactly the same as on the master.

There are two components, a “SyncUpload” program that runs on the master (for example once per day), and a “SyncServer” program that runs continuously in the background on the slave. The SyncUpload program contacts the slave, asks which files it has, sends new and changed files, and sends instructions to delete old files. The result is an exact copy on the slave of all the files, even the date/time is the same.

Files (including source) and instructions are available at Kessel’s own website.

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