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Introducing Nero CD-DVD Speed

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Nero CD-DVD Speed is a software designed to execute a number of tests to verify optical drives (both burners and readers) functionality and to determine burned media quality. This standalone application is also part of Nero Toolkit, but can provide useful info on its own.

Key features

  • Support for CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD drives/media
  • Read/write transfer rate
  • Create disc/verify function
  • Detailed disc information
  • Disc quality tests (PI/PO, C1/C2, Jitter)
  • TA jitter test
  • Scan disc
  • Bitsetting
  • DAE tests
  • Erase/format
  • Overburning test

All CD/DVD/BD or HD DVD drives are supported. However, not all drives support the following functions:
Disc Quality, Advanced Disc Quality, TA Jitter and Bitsetting

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