IBM throws 3900 servers

IBM will consolidate some 3,900 computer servers onto about 30 System z mainframes running the Linux operating system. The company expects the new set-up to use about 80 percent less energy than the current arrangement. The switch is part of Project Big Green, a commitment by IBM to sharply reduce data centre energy consumption for the company and its clients.

“The mainframe is the single most powerful instrument to drive better economics and energy conservation at the data centre today,” said James Stallings, general manager, IBM System z mainframe. “By moving globally onto the mainframe platform, IBM is creating a technology platform that saves energy while positioning our IT assets for flexibility and growth.”

“As one of the world’s largest technology providers, IBM consistently assesses how our systems can be maximized to support our employees and clients,” said Mark Hennessy, vice president and chief information officer, IBM.

With more than 8 million square feet of data centre space (equivalent to 139 football fields), IBM runs the world’s largest and most sophisticated data centre operation. The company plans to recycle the 3,900 servers through IBM Global Asset Recovery Services.

IBM estimates they’ll save around $250 millions over the next 5 years based on lower energy comsumption, less licences and also less people. Through heavy use of virtualization and Linux, IBM thinks they’ll get even more power from the mainframes than from the former server park.

I applause the environmental aspect of this move from IBM but do feel a bit sorry for all those guys who’s job is going to the “Global Asset Recovery Services”.

For further info read the press release.

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