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Funny signs and photos

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I thought I’d make a post with some of the funny signs and photographs collected/found over the past few months. Here they are, enjoy 🙂

Not sure if a big “thank you” are in order…

Drive carefully

Might be a good idea to keep the doors shut…

Anal TV

Surprises for the co-workers on holiday…

Fun at work

Should be read in Norwegian to sound less offending…

Ass Comfort

Striking similarities between dogs and owners

Dogs and Owners

Not the place to do anything but golfing…

Golf rules

What did they think when they built this…

Handicap toilets

Why peoplemen wants bigger screens…

Need widescreen…?

From the ex-girlfriends photo album…


Make something special instead of cards for valentines

Valentines day

Not sure if these 2 neighbours get along great…

Neighbour fight or fun

Keep reading and you’ll notice the bridge is out…

Mind the sharp edges - and the bridge

Well that was our initial thought as well

Office parking

What happened to “don’t try this at home”…?

Just do it

Must be a very huge husband returning early…

Husband back from work

I’ve seen this happen in real life…

How to print in Word

When Hell freezes over (Hell is actually a small town / place in Norway)

When hell freezes over

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