Fujitsus “Innovation Award” server

Fujitsus mini server, “Tower Server Primergy TX120”, received the Innovation Award at Intel’s developer forum in Bejing this spring. It’s been a huge success on the Asian market and are now available in Europe.

The TX 120 is targeted towards businesses and companies that doesn’t have a separate server room available (can’t afford/don’t need). The manufacturer uses the following 3 as main sales arguments:

  1. Low energy: With a full rack and Intel’s dual core Xeon UP it never exceeds 163 Watts.
  2. Small: Measuring 10x34x40 cm and optional placement (laying/standing) it reduces the amount of space by 3 quarters compared to tower models.
  3. Silent: Even with spinning discs it keeps below 31 decibel.

These qualities are obtained mainly through a new cooling system and 2,5 inch drives instead of the more standard 3,5 inch drives.

The picture below shows how a front door provides easy access to 2 drives, optical medium and tape station. The latter can be replaced by 2 more drives.

Fujitsus Tower Server Primergy TX120

The TX 120 can also be delivered as an economy model replacing the Xeon UP with a Celeron processor. This also reduces the power consumption by 30 Watts (more saving + environment).

Fujitsus TX120 StandingMore technical details:

  • Bus rate can be set between 800 and 1066 MHz.
  • Level 2 cache from 512 kB to 4 MB.
  • Main memory (ECC) in the range 512 MB to 8 GB.
  • Hard drives from 36 to 146 GB each.
  • Built-in Raid 1, and replaceable drives during operation.
  • Certified for Windows, Suse, Red Hat and SCO Unix.

Price tag -> 1500 € (before taxes) -> Not bad! However storage could limit the usage for some companies…

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