FF Extension that speeds up Digg

Screenshot of the Digg Navigation Extension With this extension you get direct access to a wide variety of Digg pages with just one click. The fly-out menus generated by a single right-click are organized exactly like Digg’s site, so it’s easy to jump directly to a category or sub-category of posts, choosing the time period they were submitted and the sort order.

Normally, it would take four clicks to see the most-dugg Offbeat News of the past 24 hours. That would mean waiting for four different pages to load before finally getting to where you want to go; this extension cuts your navigation time to a fraction of what it was by getting you there in just one pageload!

It’s common among the “Diggaholics” to complain about the speed of the Digg.com. Even though it’s just a well-organized collection of links and text, Digg can be a painfully slow site, especially at peak times. With so many users and so many database queries, it’s not surprising that you often have to wait several seconds just to view a single page.

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