Find and remove duplicate files

Easy Duplicate File Finder is a free powerful tool that helps you to find and remove duplicate files on your PC.

Finally a good tool to get rid of duplicate MP3’s, photos and other crap taking up valuable space on your hard drive.


  1. Search for true duplicates (files with same contents)
    Powerful search engine with fast files check
  2. Flexible Scan settings
    Search files by mask
    Size conditions & skip zero-length files option
  3. Find duplicates from selected folders or drives
    Add multiple folders/drives for scanning
  4. Safety
    Protect system files and folders
    Move files to Recycle Bin option
  5. Convenient user interface
  6. Duplicate file management – remove only unnecessary duplicates
    Select files manually (for deletion) or delete all copies automatically
    Rename duplicate files with prefix/postfix
    Move duplicate files to folder
    Open folder containing selected file
    Show file properties
    Open file with associated program
  7. Unicode support
    Full support for files with Chinese, Japanese etc names
  8. Export list of duplicates to HTML file

Download the latest version of Easy Duplicate File Finder

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  1. Using a tool to find and remove duplicate files is an efficient way to manage files on computer! Thank you for the guys who developed this perfect tool. You know, now I can easily find and remove duplicate files on my computer!

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