9 Comments on “DirectX 9 vs DirectX 10”

  1. Yes it looks like gaming is going to be fun – only problem is that I will have to upgrade my PC to really take advantage of it… 😐

  2. gaming can be LOT of fun even without dx10… try need for speed pro street 😉
    it works all-high even on my 7600gt 😀

  3. I think that the mixed up the pictures, the one labled direct x 10 looks like what i got when i play on direct x 9. cause the i remember the trees having coloured ribbions around them, when im in water,when i play on direct x 9. the graphics on crysis still looked pretty good on dx9.

  4. would you believe that i played Need For Speed almost 24 hours a day for about a week, this is a very addictive game~”.

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