April Fools Bloggers

Several thousand bloggers went for the funny April Fools joke put together by WordPress and textpattern. Have a look at the “scam” site, wordpattern , and see if you’d buy their story…

I really enjoyed reading the part about the “Silver bullet”:

“Our ground breaking, no-nonsense approach of creating a fast and lean CMSMS (CMS management system) is unparalleled and will fulfil the need of every user out there – we won’t be content with anything less.

A pluggable and highly scalable framework architecture with zero-configuration will allow the integration of every CMS on the planet and provide full backward-, forward- and sideways-compatibility to existing solutions.

Wordpattern will bring unlimited, unfettered power to the creator of content and will do so with absolute usability in a unified User Interface that is so intuitive… it will make you cry. Wordpattern shall be highly flexible and require no learning or training time. Extensive multimedia documentation will accompany every release, as will trained emergency support personnel.”

Well isn’t this great or what…

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