Universal to sell MP3 without DRM

Vivendi’s Universal Music has said it is to test the digital sale of songs from artists without the customary copy-protection technology. It will allow the sale of thousands of albums and track...

Best from Michael Jackson

Here’s a little cavalcade of the best moves done by the king of pop throughout the years. May not be the biggest fan myself, but the guy can/could move…

Simply amazing

See how gobsmacked Simon Cowell and the other judges are when this guy starts to sing.

Amateur to Pro

This short video shows how you can make an amateur play like a pro. Very professional video editing and entertaining at the same time.

Guitar Guru

Stumbled across this awesome guitar player at YouTube, check it out:

A few cool videos

Dropped by YouTube this morning and thought I’d share a couple of cool videos with the rest of you.

Apple iPhone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivered the keynote address this morning at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. New products included new movies in the iTunes Store, the previously announced Apple TV and the long...

New sounds in Windows Vista

Apparently it took the Microsoft team 18 months to come up with the new system tunes in Windows Vista. The short video below will take you through the remarkable changes since XP. Feel free to commen...